Creating Your Homework Web Site Using Dreamweaver CS4 on Windows Operating Systems

Summary of Steps

Common Problems

Sample Homepage


Before you begin:

Project 1 Grading Criteria:

Project 1 is worth 100 points, and is graded based on the following criteria.
Grading is done only once, there is no awarding of points past the due date.
You are expected and required to have your web site working correctly during the entire semester.

1. (20) HW web site home page url submitted to database correctly using form in step 17
2. (20) Web site url of the correct format: <YearTerm+CourseIdentifier>/<UserName>
3. (5) Student's Name at top of HW template
4. (15) Feedback email address url with correct format, such as: mailto:<UserName>
5. (10) Confirming email received by professor-per step 14
6. (20) First homework assignment hyperlink correctly formed, with correct folder structure such as:
'<YearTerm+CourseIdentifier>/<UserName>/HW01/Homeworkxx.htm' - per step 14
7. (10) Miscellaneous issues-which means not following items listed in these instructions, poor grammar or spelling. Make sure to refer to the Sample Home Page in order to see what a completed web site will look like when you finish this project.
8. You will continue to lose points for Project 1 if you do not link HW assignments correctly, or do other things that prevent me from being able to grade your homework. In effect, at the end of the semester you can end up with zero points for Project 1.