HouseBoat in Mississippi River


The River Explorer

The WSU River Explorer is a 64-foot day-use vessel available for WSU-sponsored educational trips of all kinds, of all durations from an hour to two weeks. This fully enclosed river classroom can host as many as thirty students and is equipped with a full galley, a comfortable classroom, a pilothouse that can double as a seminar room, a sunny top deck, and a shady rear deck that is low enough to permit the launching of canoes. With a stern draft of 4 1/2 feet and a sloped bow, the River Explorer is well suited to nosing up onto sand bars and islands as a way to expand the classroom onto a river island for a picnic or campout. Our Coast Guard licensed captains are among the most experienced on the entire river and can take students up and down the river throughout the main channel areas and harbors.

Cruising speed is about 6 miles an hour upstream, a couple mph faster downstream. While locking through the Corps of Engineers dams usually takes only a few minutes, big tows can delay the boat two or more hours. River travel isn't fast, but that's the idea. If you want to get to Memphis--or even Dubuque in a hurry--it's best to take the highway.

For reservation information, Winona State University Faculty and Staff may contact Crystal Hegge at