Crooked Slough light and daymark, mile 654.5 near Lynxville, Wisconsin


River Courses

Call for Summer 2008 Courses

The Center for Mississippi River Studies offered its first summer course during May of this year. The course, RESC 150, dealt with sustainability issues from the bluffs to the Mississippi River and proved to be a great learning experience. Taught as a two-week long May term course, students ventured to different locations in the river valley, including a four-day experience on the River Explorer.

Following on the success of this course, the CMRS is submitting this call for proposals for other courses that might wish to use the river as a focal point of a summer class, either during the regular summer sessions of as a two-week course such as last year’s sustainability course. If you have an idea for a course, please submit a brief description of the course by 24 October, including if and how the River Explorer would be used. A completed developed curriculum is not needed at this time.

Remember, too, that the River Explorer is available for shorter excursions during the summer and fall if you wish to bring the classroom to the river.

Submit information to Kelly Herold ( or Michael Delong (